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Scan the future, uncover the truth

Behind every barcode lies a story. A story of where the product comes from, how it’s made and by whom, and what its impact on the world is. With just a scan from your smartphone, you can uncover this truth and make conscious choices for a sustainable future.

Don’t let the barcode be just a set of lines, but a gateway to transparency and awareness.

CartMoodIndex is your personalized sustainability score based on what’s most important to you. One simple scan makes you realize that sometimes it would have been better to choose a different product.

Sustainable Development Goals

Our app is based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals serve as a blueprint for a better world for both people and planet, and are at the core of our app. By using our app, you not only make conscious choices for yourself, but also contribute to the achievement of these goals.

By choosing more sustainable products and brands, you have the power to force companies to make different choices. Our choices as a consumer have a major impact on the demand for more sustainable products and thus on the changes that companies must make to remain relevant.

In this way you contribute to the changes needed for a more sustainable future and encourage companies to do the same.


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Download now

Access for everyone

We believe in open data, that’s why our app is free of charge and will remain free of charge. However, to further developer our app we need money. That’s why we ask for a voluntary contribution. Every single euro earned will be invested in the improvement of the CartMoodIndex app.


Help us make a difference today! Together we can make a better world.