Frequently Asked Questions

What is CartMoodIndex?
CartMoodIndex is your personalized sustainability score based on what’s important to you. It’s a score between 0 and 100. We use your profile settings to assign scores to products you can buy in the supermarket. If a product perfectly suits you the CartMoodIndex is 80 or more.

How is the CartMoodIndex determined?
We determine a basis score by combining independent open data. We use the Sustainable Development Goals for this and look at more than only the product itself. We take the total picture: where does your money really go to? What’s the company behind the product and what is their contribution to e.g. gender equality, climate, poverty and working conditions.
The user profile provides the weight to the different components. The same product can perfectly suits you, but can’t be a convincing choice for your neighbour.

How frequently is CartMoodIndex updated?
We update our data daily by checking relevant news articles. We also run analysis on scanned products and we are always looking for additional data source to further optimze our datamodel.
We appreciate it when users actively contribute, so please share anything you think that may be relevant with us.

Can you scan on other topics as well?
Yes absolutely. We have set up a basis, but if there are any other topics that are important to our users, please let us know. We will add extra topics next to alcohol, tobacco and human trafficking.

I want to donate, but where does my money go to?
Our app is free to use, but we are happy with every voluntary donation. Every single donated euro will be spend on further developing CartMoodIndex. We will inform users periodically about how the money is spend and are committed to transparency.
Because of covering bank cost we kindly ask for a minimum donation of € 5,-.

What happens with my personal data?
For registration we only need a valid email address. We link the address to your account and ask you to provide information on gender and year of birth if you are setting up your user profile. We use this data for analysis purposes so we get a better insight in the usage of our app and what’s important to people in the various phases of their lives.
For detailled information we refer to our privacy and cookie policy.

Is there any question missing? Please share it with us via the contact form and the answer to your question may be added to this section shortly.